Will Microsoft ever call me?

5 Jan 2016Posted by Linda

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The short answer to this is NO!

These type of phone calls are a scam and are intended to obtain money from you by false promises.

This is Fraud

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Why does the call seem OK?

5 Jan 2016Posted by Linda


The caller will know your name, or the name of someone who lives in the house.

They will talk to you even if you are not the named person who they asked to speak to. Note that most legitimate companies will not do this.

They will be very plausible and official sounding at first.

They will indicate that your computer is either running slow or sending out masses of email spam, or that you are getting spam or having many other problems. This is a guess but most people do think their computer is slow or has odd problems here and there, and so will get worried.

They will tell you that they can help you fix it now, and then may ask if you can load some software to allow them to access your PC to fix it. At this point if you tell them you are worried they say - OK and ask you to go to a special log on your computer which shows lots of errors. The log that they show you is perfectly normal and every computer has one.

Or will ask you to go to a website to "check your computer" but which in fact will be a page full of malware infections, which will allow them to tell you how your computer is riddled with problems and you must let them fix it now.

Now they have got you worried it is easy to say they can fix the problem for you for a one off cost which included 2 years internet security software. This is the point where they ask for bank or credit card information.

Hang up now - before installing anything and do not give them your payment information.

How can I spot if the call is fake?

5 Jan 2016Posted by Linda


The telephone number of the person calling is blocked.

The person making the call will usually have an indian accent but will give a name like Bob or Mary.

The person is reluctant to tell you their company name or telephone number.

They say they are calling from ----

----Windows (not an actual company name),

----BT (be warned if your internet is not with BT),

----or AVG (do you you know if your internet security program is not AVG)

The person starts talking about Windows when you own a MAC.

If they keep persisting, even when told no.

They can also get quite rude and even abusive if they cannot get you to do what they want.

Just hang up!

What should I do if I get one of these Fake calls?

5 Jan 2016Posted by Linda


Hang up the phone

And keep hanging up every time they call.

If they keep calling you, and it is likely they will, tell them you will be reporting them to the Police.

They can be very persistent which also indicates it is a fraud because any legitimate company would not keep calling if told to stop.

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What Should I do if I have already paid money?

5 Jan 2016Posted by Linda


Call your Credit card company to cancel your credit card and get a payment reversed.

Call your bank if you used a debit card because the scammers may have also set up a direct debit to take money at a later date. You may not be able to get the payment reversed but you can protect yourself from future fake payments

Call me to remove remote access programs from your computer and ensure no other programs have been installed without your permission.

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