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08 September 2015Posted by Linda

Picture of Linda

Hello, My name is Linda Dunwell.

I started learning about computers in my last year at secondary school, One of the optional subjects available was the first ever computer class at that school.

Those first lessons were all about how to print a "Christmas card" using DOS to program a simple image of a Christmas tree.

image of dos programmed christmas tree

Very similar to this one above. However I soon Learned that I was hopeless at programming, and good at working out what had gone wrong and then fixing the problem.

So a lifetime of enjoyment fixing and learning about computers began.

Please call me on 07717217773 or email me for any help or advice

I have a wide range of interests and hobbies and no time for any of them!

8 September 2015Posted by Linda

Picture of one of my Pottery pieces

I have created Pottery things, mostly stoneware dust collectors. I even sold some!








Picture of one of my cross stitch pictures

While pregnant (three times) I learned how to cross-stitch and once again discovered that I can copy but not design. I was quite prolific for a time, but still have some not framed - lying in a cupboard.

Not to mention the Quilts partially finished and the tonnes of fabric I just could not live without.

Sometimes I am such a girl!





Picture of my patio Just after it was finished

I love Gardening and built my patio so I can sit out and enjoy the garden (and yes that is a built-in BBQ). In practice I rarely sit and I am mostly weeding, moving plants or building new things. Currently my shed is about ready to fall down, the floor is very soft and so I am clearing out the junk ready for rebuilding.