Windows 10 Creators Edition is released

11 April 2017Posted by Linda

Image of windows 10 from Microsoft

The latest update for Windows 10 was released on 11th April 2017.

Microsoft have named it the Creators Update because they believe it will help people innovate and create from a new perspective.

It will be updated to all Windows 10 users on a rolling schedule so be aware that the next update is likely to be a big one, on a new computer today this took just over an hour, but not all computers will be as fast.

I recommend that when you get a message about it that you set it to restart and update overnight - you can usually change the scheduled restart time when you see the message. Using shutdown and update may not fully install the update leaving you to wait around the next time you turn it on.

Please call me on 07717217773 if you need help or advice.

Wait or update now?

12 April 2017Posted by Linda


You can wait for the update to install - it will be downloading in the background, and then will let you know it is ready to install.

Please be aware that on some computers this can mean that it automatically restarts almost imediately if you do not happen to be using it when the message pops up.

If you do not want to wait - then you can manually start the update by Clicking on the "Get Started Now" button below which will download a small file to start the process.

Once it is finished downloading you can click on the file to start the update.

I am expecting the update to install on most computers without problems - but if you do have difficulties please call or email me for help.

Changes during Setup

16 April 2017Posted by Linda


During the Setup Phase you are told that the PC will restart several times - In fact mine only restarted twice.

You are asked to select your privacy and location settings during the setup - in the past this step was hidden behind a "customise" link - which many people did not realise was link. So now you can change these settings more easily. When you slide to turn off the setting an extra line of information pops up. This looks like a warning against turning off the setting but it just lets you know there are features which will not work as Microsoft plans. You can change these options later in windows settings.

The sign in page during setup is much simpler now and does not appear to force you into a Microsoft account as it did in the past, if you currently are using a local account you will now be asked to confirm, or change to microsoft account. Great News.

Obviously using a Microsoft account means that your experience in Windows will be more linked to everything and everyone - but not everyone wants this, and particularly for my less experienced customers the concept of being apparently forced into a seperate Microsoft account was very confusing.

Welcome to Windows 10 Creators Update

16 April 2017Posted by Linda

Image of the Edge Browser open at a Welcome page

When the Update is complete you will find that the Edge Browser will open to Welcome you to this edition of Windows 10.

You will be given three options on the page,

At first glance - No Change

15 April 2017Posted by Linda


The lock screen, desktop and taskbars all look the same as before the update but there are some differences once you start looking.

Start tiles - can be used as folders

15 April 2017Posted by Linda

Image of a tile as a folder

In the Start Menu - the tiles can now be treated like a folder - you can drag one tile over another to join them in a folder. The picture shows 9 icons but actually I had loaded more into the folder, which opens to show the tiles when you select the tilefolder.

Unfortunately it is still not possible to add file-shortcut to a tile nor change the colours of individual tiles - when I have sorted all my tiles they tend to end up the same colour, which will suit some people, but I like the different colours.

Secondary start menu changes

15 April 2017Posted by Linda

Image of the secondary start menu

This menu is generally hidden, and many of my customer's find it a surprise when I show them.

The CMD prompt is no longer on this menu - but the Powershell replacement can be used instead (both the normal and elevated versions are available).

Also missing from this menu is the link to the old Control Panel - replaced by a link to the new Settings panel. This turns out to be less of a problem than I thought, and in any case it is possible to get to the old control panel by typing cpanel in Search.

The Settings Panel has been expanded

15 April 2017Posted by Linda

Image of the new Settings panel

The settings panel now has 11 icons, where before it had only 9. The two new ones are for apps and gaming.

Additional options can be found in each of the settings pages - on the righthand side - expanding the capabilities of the new menus to cover the hidden Control Panel options.

Thankfully the icons in the panel have been made smaller - so that when you open settings the panel opens to show all the icons - on low resolution screens this may still be an issue - but this is untested at this time.

The New apps icon does most of the same things the original option did, it was in the System icon in settings. It now has links to programs and features from the old Control Panel too. It also has links to Offline Maps - a feature I will be testing out soon.

Games Settings

15 April 2017Posted by Linda

Image of the new Gaming icon in Settings panel

The gaming icon is the XBOX icon - making it recognisable for anyone who has used the XBOX and links it to the gaming tile in the start menu.

The settings here allow you to run a Game Bar while playing which gives you the ability to take screen shots, and capture video of your games.

You can also control the way you broadcast your video and audio too. And ensure your games play to their best advantage while doing so.

Microsoft have made changes to their Edge Browser

16 April 2017Posted by Linda

Image of the welcome to Edge - what's new page

Microsoft Edge has been updated and the first time you use it you will see a popup showing you the new changes.

Edge can now defer opening tabs for later, there are two new icons in the top left corner which control this. This would be great for people like me who often have 20 pages open when researching (or more) as they are kept as a shortcut and even if you close Edge - they will be there when you get back, much simpler than setting up shortcut lists for temporary searches.

If you have lots of tabs open it can also be difficult to remember where they are - Edge now has a handy thumbnail view to show you the tabs too. I may actually start testing Edge again... Sorry Google Chrome you know I am a big fan honest, but I have to try!

Edge is also now blocking Flash by default, fewer annoying adverts brilliant! However some will find this to be a pain and although it is a great feature to protect your PC you can specify when to stop blocking. Flash has been compromised in so many ways and most browsers can now do the same tasks without needing Flash, but some older websites may not work correctly without it.

Windows Hello can now be integrated into websites and using Edge can be used to block access to some websites using facial recognition, but just be aware that this involves tunring on all those linked apps and accounts. Sounds like a good idea in principle but I'm not sure

Edge seems to be where most of the changes appear in this update - there are more.... and so far performance is good still. Apparently Even Google admit Edge is better than Google Chrome - or so the page suggests when you go to download Chrome. In fact chrome opened the MSN page faster than Edge in my tests, but Chrome can definitely struggle under the loads I put on it and is memory hungry, but I have tonnes of RAM and so it is not a problem.

Being able to edit a map in a webpage using the pen function will be great for my new Hobby! Yippee I can draw on the map to show my route before I print!

Cortana has more features added

16 April 2017Posted by Linda

Image of the new Cortana search window

Cortana is linked to almost everything now and can be an amazing tool when given permission, for example if you leave all the settings to the yes side during setup.

For example if you write something on a stickynote to remind you to do something Cortana can make a to do item in your calendar if it recognises certain keywords. To do this Cortana must be able to access both stickynotes and your calendar so you must be logged in with a Microsoft account to make it work

Soon you will not have to think about anything - Cortana will be listening and knows what to do.... Joking aside all the major players seem to have a version of similar software, Alexa, Siri etc. You do know the meme by now, about the child and the dollhouse??

The shortcut to open Cortana has also been changed win+C will do it (this used to open the "Charms Menu" remember that!)

Some old games and software can be converted to work in an App

16 April 2017Posted by Linda


This may be useful for one or two of my Customer's who have software which they are currently using in Virtualbox, or on an older computer for whatever reason. I will also be looking into this - I loved Chips Challenge..... I Wonder?

Many More new and improved features to check out

16 April 2017Posted by Linda


There are a lot more features that have either been upgraded or are completely new - it may take some time to play!