The End for Windows Vista

1 November 2016Posted by Linda

LOGO Windows Vista

Windows Vista is soon to be obsolete in the same way that Windows XP did, however I am already finding problems with some webpages due to the age of Internet Explorer.

You can use alternative browsers and third party security programs for a while but increasingly the secondary software will become older and also more at risk for attack.

I do not see many Vista computers now, as the operating system was very unpopular - but I have now found that only Opera Browser is secure in its latest version on Vista, and some security programs are also not upgrading the programs to latest versions - definitions are still being updated for these older versions but after April 2017 this is likely to end.

The End for Windows XP

April 8, 2014Posted by Linda

LOGO Windows XP

Microsoft has officially ended all Support for Windows XP. This means that if you continue using a computer running Windows XP and use the internet regularly then you could find your computer significantly at risk for malware and security issues.

You can use alternative browsers (I do not recommend using Internet Explorer as it will never be upgraded to meet today's standards) and third party security programs for a while but increasingly the secondary software will become older and also more at risk for attack.

Already Google Chrome and Gmail are giving problems.

Why is Windows XP more at risk for Malware and Viruses?

April 8, 2014Posted by Linda

LOGO for Internet Explorer 7-8

Windows XP was a very successful Operating system and many users were very reluctant to upgrade to Windows Vista, or indeed actually downgraded to XP. Many businesses also carried on using Windows XP for many years, some are still running it now on more modern computers.

This means that for many years virus and malware writers have been writing specifically for this older operating System. There were a huge number of risks which still continue to this day.

Because Microsoft will not update Windows XP through the normal update process (Home users have actually not been getting updates for much longer than Business users), programs such as Internet Explorer will never be upgraded to meet today's secure standards. Most computers now have Internet Explorer 11 installed, but in Windows XP the last version installed was Internet Explorer 8. Often many people who use Windows XP never actually upgraded from Internet Explorer 6.

This also means that many other programs used in internet pages will not be able to upgrade either and this is a significant risk.

These other programs, Flash and Java particularly, are often used by malware writers to create a path to enter your computer – and because these are not being updated regularly your computer will get more vulnerable over time.

Should I upgrade my Windows XP computer?

April 8, 2014Posted by Linda

logo - symbolising emails

Yes, if you are using the internet.

Not necessarily if you never connect the computer to the internet.

However most people now use their computers mainly for emails and internet browsing both of which will put your Windows XP computer at risk.

You should be aware that even if you only use your computer for emails this is still connecting to the internet, especially if you are using a browser to view emails via webmail.

Email clients like Outlook Express and Thunderbird will reduce the risk, but anything you receive will not be fully protected.

Call me on 07717217773 for more advice about upgrading

Gmail users cannot open emails in Internet Explorer 8

March, 2014Posted by Linda

LOGO - Gmail

Yesterday I discovered the first signs in the wild of problems for people still using windows XP. Gmail are no longer supporting Internet Explorer 8 which is the latest version available for this older Operating System. It is a significant sign indicating the end of support.

You will be able to log in to Gmail but not to use the next page buttons to see older emails. Now while this is not a huge problem because you can (and I already recommend this) use Google Chrome and Google have stated that they will still keep Chrome compatible for a time, but this is unusual.

Many more developers have already stopped supporting XP

Google Chrome is also no longer being upgraded, putting your computer more at risk.

There have been adverts in magazines, computer shops and on the TV for some time about this but the time zooms past and you should note that this deadline is now only one month away.

So if you have not upgraded already you should make this a priority.