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KRACK messages - WIFI hacking in the news

24 Oct 2017Posted by Linda

image of a padlock on WIFI symbol

You may have seen on the news or received a pop up from Norton or other Security Programs warning you about this latest danger - suggesting that you must do something now!

But it is never good to rush into clicking something from a popup... most of my customers have called me which is great - or checked my website for information - see below. I never recommend that you click on any popup warnings unless you are absolutely sure they are legitimate.

1. Don't Panic. Most people will not be affected by this, especially if they follow the advice below.

2. The problem affects all WIFI connections even if secured and all devices using WIFI, especially android and linux devices. Mobile networks are not currently affected, but do you know when your phone is using WIFI or mobile? - most people do not know this.

3. Make sure your computer updates have been done, they will normally run automatically for my customers and so you should be protected, Microsoft have an update for this problem on automatic release.

4. Use HTTPS sites when browsing the internet as this adds an extra layer of encryption, this is not always possible - but most sites that need a login will already be using it - check for the Padlock in the address area in the browser.

5. Public wireless hotspots are most at risk, because more people will be using them - especially those in larger cities where more people will be connected, The best advice here is to not use public WIFI even with a phone app.

6. Check how old your router is, as this danger is related to the way they work, and it is important that your Router can be updated too. Older routers may never get the correct update. If you have recently changed provider or had a change in contract you probably have a modern router, which can be updated. I stress this a low risk for individuals.... because it relies on the hacker being able to connect to your personal wireless router. Companies, especially larger ones are more at risk.

7. If you must do banking or other things that need to be secure and you think you may be vulnerable - then use a VPN to connect to the internet instead of your service provider as these are much more secure.

8. Remember that this hacking process relies on someone being able to connect to your wireless router - so check your surroundings. It is possible to also check your router to see who is connected - or it can be locked down to only allow specific devices to connect.

If you need help...... Call me on 0771 721 7773

New Version of the Tech Support phone Scam

28 Feb 2017Posted by Linda

Image of the word scam

This week one of my customer's received a telephone call from their Broadband service provider - or so they thought.

Their partner had apparently been getting calls all week from "TalkTalk" and eventually my customer was around to take the call.

Initially they were sceptical but the "Technical Support Advisor" seemed very knowledgeable and seem to have details which appeared to prove they were actually calling from the ISP.

Sounds familiar - I know....

But there was a twist...

The advisor said that something the supplier had done had caused a problem and that they needed to check the computer to resolve it and then they would be giving my customer a refund.

Remote access was started and the advisor proved the problem had occurred and then apparently fixed the problem. They then opened a browser to allow the customer to choose their Bank so that the advisor could process the refund.

The advisor showed them every step of the refund process, and asked the customer to log into their Bank to check the process had gone correctly (using the link he had provided in a browser).

At this point my customer noticed that they had refunded £2200 instead of £200 and the advisor asked my customer to go to the post office to make a payment of £2000 by Moneygram or WorldPay...

My customer smelled a RAT!

Now they ended the call at this point and shutdown their PC, called me for help and also went to their bank to explain the situation. Their Bank accounts were changed in case the advisor had put a keylogger on the computer to capture the Bank login details. The Internet banking was also changed to prevent access using the old method.

Luckily the main way these scammers make money from this scam is by the moneygram/worldpay etc... so my customer was only out of pocket by my service cost, but they also had a lot of inconvenience while the bank fixed their bank accounts.


On the news I later read about one woman who had lost over $10,000 in a scam of this kind.

Please be aware your Supplier will never contact you in this way.... have you ever heard of a Broadband service giving a refund voluntarily!

Never believe anyone who says they are calling to log into your computer to resolve a problem. Never allow them access and never pay them by any method.


Call me on 0771 721 7773 for help

Windows update causing Internet problems - not quite fixed

15 February 2017Posted by Linda

Image of update logo in services ona windows PC

Well Microsoft removed the update which had been causing problems from general release, so no-one new should be getting the problem. Microsoft have released a replacement update and so this problem should now be resolved.

However I am still occasionally getting calls about this update. Usually from the most inexperienced users who do not use their PC much. See the next note for help.

However most computers may have received the first and second updates without any problems at all, just the annoyance of two large updates taking up time unexpectedly.

Windows update causing Internet problems - still

15 February 2017Posted by Linda

Image of update logo in services ona windows PC

This Thursday I had a lot of calls from customers saying their computer was not able to connect to the internet. I advised turning off computer and router and then turning them back on - which would normally resolve the problem, but in this case did not work. On further checking the router was apparently OK and some other devices (mobile phones) were connected to the same router and able to use the internet without problems.

I managed to resolve the issue for some, but other computers seemed to get back online without further help after "restarting" the computer (shut down does not work), or after waking from sleep.

On Friday this problem seemed to affect more people, reoccurred on computers which had fixed themselves, and one I had "fixed" yesterday seemed to have gone wrong again.

Later I started to see reports on the internet that a Windows update was causing problems on some random computers mainly Windows 10 and Windows 8. Apparently BT and Plusnet customers are the ones affected, however I have also seen the problem with a smaller independant ISP and with AOL as well.

I have been seeing odd networking issues for a number of weeks on the occasional computers and was beginning to suspect something going on.

Microsoft are now recognising that there may be an issue and have list of steps that can be used to try to resolve the problem. However it is quite technical and is intended to fix almost all networking issues, not specific to this one.

I have created a small program which should fix this problem, but obviously as you will not be able to get on line using the affected computer you can call me and I can talk you through the fix. If you are using another computer you may click on the link below to download the file and run it on the affected computer.


Or ...... Call me on 0771 721 7773 for help

The National Lottery

30 November 2016Posted by Linda

National Lottery logo

Today the National Lottery has admitted that the suspicious activity they saw on Monday 28th November 2016, may have been a data breach resulting in partial customer information being obtained by cybercriminals.

Their Homepage is showing a banner called "Important player notice" but it is not really obvious.

They do however have a full statement - click here

The full extent of the problem may not be known at this time but.....

If you normally get your tickets online or by direct debit - then I recommend you go to the website and change your password.

and check out the guidelines below for more information

.....or .....

Call me on 0771 721 7773 for help

Windows Live Mail problem

1 July 2016Posted by Linda

Windows 10 screenshot

Today is the day you may start having problems with your emails in Windows Live Mail when you have an emails address. This includes Hotmail and live account holders.

Microsoft have made the descision to phase out an older style method for getting emails called Deltasync.

In the past thsi was the only was to get Hotmail accoounts in Windows Live Mail, and was also set up if you used the automatic install method to set it up, so many people may have this problem.

I have mostly set this up for my customer's using IMAP so this should not be a problem - but some of the settings may change for this so Please call me if you have any problems