How to Register Windows 10

October 6, 2015Updated by Linda

Click on the Windows 10 icon near the clock

August 1, 2015Posted by Linda

Screenshot of the Windows 10 icon in the system tray near the clock

Click on the Windows 10 icon indicated to start the registration process.

The following Window will open with a series of screens explaining the benefits of registration.

screenshot-introduction to windows 10 registration process

Click on Registration at any time

August 1, 2015Posted by Linda

Screenshot - confirmation of your registration for Windows 10

Decide if you want to receive email notification

October 04, 2015Posted by Linda


Type in your email address if you would like email notification and then click send confirmation if you wish to, you do not need to do this step. There will be a pop up notification once the download is complete.

Don't forget to tick the box if you wish to receive mailings from Microsoft as indicated.

If you do not wish to receive an email notification click "Skip email confirmation". This will complete the registration process and close the window.

It is not clear if registering an email address will have implications for your privacy, or if it links your email address to a specific Windows 10 download or licence key, so If you are concerned about these issues do not register

I registered an email on my main PC but I did not receive anything in the first 12 hours. The next day I did receive an email confirming my registration for the upgrade.