Windows 10 Upgrade Problems

New Problems

August 12, 2015Posted by Linda

Backup icon

I will continue to report problems as I find them. In the meantime I recommend that you backup your data before upgrading, or better yet make a system image. Just in case

If your problem is not listed below please call me on 07717217773 and I will do my best to help.

Computer not booting or partially booting

August 12, 2015Posted by Linda


One PC was found to boot partially to Windows then just stopped, with no error messages.

On testing we found that if the PC was turned off, then on again within a few seconds (12 ish), it would boot fully to Windows.

I have solved this so please contact me if you are having this or a similar problem.

Windows 10 slow to boot or slow after desktop is loaded

1 May 2016Posted by Linda


This problem in Windows 10 has resolved itself on most Computers after an Update or after all the other software installed was updated (especially security programs).

It is unclear if this problem was due to the download of the update, or if the update solved a problem.

Reboot loop following Update

August 10, 2015Posted by Linda


This type of problem could be very difficult to resolve given that Microsoft have made it impossible to hide an update or to avoid installing it in Windows 10.

KB3081424 - Cumulative Update for Windows 10 for x64-based Systems has caused the endless reboot loop on a number of computers with Nvidia drivers still remaining from Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Currently there does not seem to be an easy solution for this problem - it may be resolved by Microsoft over the next few days as a large number of people have been affected

It is possible to stop the loop using a bootable disk and system restore - but this will not prevent the same thing happening next time you turn your PC off. Also the Edge browser is missing if this process is followed - so you cannot use the internet to find a solution.

There are forums making suggestions for a solution - currently involving a registry edit, inexperienced users should not try this.

Call me 07717217773 for help

Windows Update - select update window is blank

August 2, 2015Posted by Linda

Screen shot of the Select updates window

Windows Update is showing the Windows 10 registration screen. Under this there is notification that Updates are available. However when checking for updates the selection window is empty.

It was not possible to click on the registration link in the Updates window.

The "Get Windows 10" icon is also missing from the system tray

For several days this problem persisted and then today after the hard drive showed more than normal activity, the reserve button now works.

Windows update is now stating there are no updates available, but earlier today KB915597 had been installed.

The update was for Windows Defender - which was disabled on both computers due to other installed security software).

So this problem has resolved itself over time and following an update.

Get Windows 10 icon is missing

August 2, 2015Posted by Linda

screen shot showing Get windows icon

The "Get Windows 10" icon has disappeared from the system tray on a number of computers (on computers where the registration is complete and on some who have not registered).

On further checking - Windows Update did show the "Register for Windows 10" banner but it was not possible to click the register button.

This register banner was present even on the computer which had been registered.

Start Button not working

August, 2015Posted by Linda

screen shot indication the windows 8 start button

Two of my customers have had problems with the start icon in Windows8 before the upgrade. Neither the start button or the "windows" key were working in one case and in the other the start button did not work in start page, but was OK in Desktop mode.

Normally when your mouse touches the icon it will change from a white icon to a green icon on a black background - this is not working. Also right clicking the start icon does not work.

This may be Firewall related or Avast - both had the full paid version of Avast. During testing and attempts to fix the problem I reset Avast to factory settings, because an update got stuck installing the Kernel drivers. I then restarted the computer and found the start button was now working OK.

Before Upgrade PC Slow to boot, or running slow for no apparent reason

After July 29, 2015Posted by Linda


One of the main issues people are having (even when not registered for the upgrade) is the odd behaviour of the PC during the downloads of the "Get Windows 10" app. Slow to boot to windows and excessive hard drive activity.

However even after upgrade has downloaded (the $windows.~BT folder is 5GB or more) there are times during boot which seem to halt or are very slow. Also after boot there are occasions when the computer seems to halt after boot as well.

On most computers this problem seems to be related to the download in some way - this was happening on my main PC. I know that this PC is older than some I have been testing, it is Windows 7, and it has had some issues with software. Initially The "PC Checker" stated that some of my software was not compatible. checking later the pc was found to be fully compatible - so more checking/downloads may have been happening.

Since the notification that the upgrade is ready - I have not had this problem.

ATIBRMON error when on Battery power

August 2, 2015Posted by Linda

Screenshot of ATIBRMON error message

The runtime error is occurring whenever I plug in or remove my power cable. It is easily closed and does not appear to give any other problems.

This is apparently an ongoing issue with many AMD systems and is related to reducing brightness to the screen when in power save settings. This is usually a driver issue and is likely to be fixed in a future update.

I did try downloading the latest ATI Catalyst drivers however following install the problem is still present.