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Windows 10 - Anniversary update (1607)

2nd August 2016Posted by Linda


The Anniversary edition of Windows 10 or Version 1607 is now rolling out to all computers over the next few weeks or months.

It will install more like an update rather than a service pack but may still restart a number of times before booting to windows.

The first thing to notice is the new lock page, this will by default change occasionally using a Bing Picture of the Day.

The second and more important feature is that your microsoft email address is no longer displayed as your login - a friendly name will be used - but if you are loggin in with a Microsoft account you will still need to use that password.

Another missing "feature" is automatic wifi sense - this is now off by default. Yippee! One less thing to adjust after every update. However please note that many privacy settings will be reset to on.

Note the changes to the Menu with smaller icons for power, settings, file explorer, and user on the left and the list of "applications" fully expanded.

Cortana if you use it will be much stronger, it will prompt you more with things - it thinks you will want or need, because it is checking things like your calendar and emails, so if you confirm tickets in an email - Cortana will add it to your calendar! And whats more Cortana is also available on Android too and can tell you when your phone's battery is low!

There are many other changes which may or may not be useful in the future - I will try not to be a luddite about them.

Windows 10 - last day free

29th July 2016Posted by Linda


Today is the last day that you can download an install Windows 10 without paying for a new licence and I have successfully (mostly) upgrades all my customers who have been considering it.

Many had automatically upgraded and I have visited them to ensure their privacy is fully protected as far as possible.

Rescheduling the Windows 10

18 May 2016Posted by Linda


I have managed to extend the schduled date of the ungrade, by opening up the Windows icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and I was able to add more days. It still will not let me add more than 5 days at a time, and I will need to keep a close eye on the scheduler to make sure it does not automatically install.

Reschedule by clicking on the word "here" which is under the scheduled date (on my colour scheme the word here is in blue). Then choose a more convenient date or cancel the upgrade altogether.

Cancel the whole upgrade by clicking on "Cancel the Scheduled upgrade". But only do this if you are absolutely certain you do not want it.

Please note that I recommend you do the upgrade. you can call me any time for more advice.

Windows 10 is now scheduling the upgrade

16 May 2016Posted by Linda


When I turned on my computer this morning I had this happy message from Microsoft.

message from microsoft - my upgrade has been scheduled for thursday

The upgrade has been scheduled for Thursday night. I have luckily been given the option to reschedule. BUT and here is the kicker, I can only reschedule for the saturday after. I then should be given the option to change that date but it now means I will have to keep remembering to change the schedule. This is annoying!

I am planning on doing the upgrade on this machine but I was leaving it to the last minute to see what delaying the upgrade process would do.

So watch out if you do not want the upgrade as you will now need to take more drastic steps to prevent the upgrade.

Please note that I do recommend that you do the upgrade.

The only reason not to do it should be that you have software or hardware that is not capable of working on Windows 10. Remember if you upgraded your PC from Windows Vista there may be hardware in your machine which may not work in windows 10, so remember to check the upgrade report for the compatibility results. You can always revert to your previous operating system if you have issues.

Windows 10 will cost around £120 after July

5 May 2016Posted by Linda


Microsoft confirmed that Windows 10 will not be free after the end of July 2016, the cost is likely to be $119 and in the UK probably around £120.

This is not far off the price recommended for ugrading from Vista (where you have to buy the new operating system). So should not have an impact on the price of a new computer.

But I have been noticing a jump in computer prices this year (over £50 higher) - despite windows 10 being free. This is most likely due to the fact that many people have been upgrading from windows 7 to 10 when they could be expected to normally buy a new computer so revenue is down for PC sales. But this is also due to more people using tablets so no-one is really sure how much free windows 10 affected sales. However the current price hike may be to compensate for lost revenue and prices will most likely remain high after July when Windows 10 is no longer free.

One Customer lost all their photos during Windows 10 upgrade

1 May 2016Posted by Linda

Windows 10 screenshot

I recommend that if you wish to upgrade make sure you create a System Image of your current setup before starting, especially if you are business user- or at the minimum backup all your pictures and documents before starting.

One customer had a problem during the installation and they lost 20 years of wedding, baby and holiday photos which had not been backed up.

I do offer an installation service if you are concerned about the process - call me on 07717217773 for a quote.

Windows 10 upgrade is now recommended

February 29, 2016Posted by Linda


I have had a number of Customers call me this past couple of weeks saying Windows 10 has installed itself and what should they do.

This is because Microsoft have upgraded the status of the upgrade to "recommended" and added it to the normal update installation route.

If you do not wish to install Windows 10 then you need to check your Windows update settings to prevent recommended upgrades. However this will also means that Office upgrades will not happen automatically.

I have discovered that if you do not do all windows 7 or 8 updates, then windows 10 will not trigger the update, so leave one optional update uninstalled to prevent the upgrade. (Note this solution may not always work)

Make sure all of your data (photos, documents, emails etc) are backed up just in case.

Upgrade v1511 installs like a service pack

November 20, 2015Posted by Linda


The Latest windows 10 upgrade installed today and caused me to lose lots of time working, because I thought it was just a normal update.

Latest version of Windows 10 is v1511

In fact the update acted like a reinstall of windows 10 (in the same way that old service packs used to work) and took almost as long to install.

Just like Windows 10 installation, the PC restarted several times - looking like a normal update initially, then changed to the windows 10 three step circular loading circle.

The final step of the install was also similar to the final step in installing Windows 10. With another attempt to get me to sign in with a Microsoft account, and a disguised method to install with all the privacy options open, by hiding the customise button (it is now a link in much smaller text that does not look like a link).

After the update I had to go and change some of the settings to prevent sharing my information in apps and other settings but not as many as the first time. Wifi Sense did not change thankfully.

The main change I noticed was that all my start menu tiles had reverted to original positions. Also in the right click on start menu - where the menu options are now white text on black background

Some users have reported that some programs have actually been uninstalled during the process, with an entry in the notification area following the upgrade. The programs can be reinstalled after the update.

I think there are things Microsoft should do about a number of issues during big upgrades like this.

  • Tell us about big upgrades

    especially when they could take several hours, and involve a number of reboots before we start the update, giving us an option to schedule the upgrade.

  • Notify us if programs will be removed during upgrade

    This also happened during the Windows 10 installation and was usually just software that was obsolete, but in this upgrade the software removed was not obsolete, is in fact required by some users. On a plus point some of that software is known to be used as spyware so not all bad.

  • Leave my settings the way I want them

    I know Microsoft have given me a free upgrade to Windows 10, but I put the start menu tiles the way I wanted to find them, and I expect them to stay there, ditto my privacy settings.

I also have found that a number of problems have been encountered by customer's following the upgrade - so check out the problems page if you have had issues. Or contact me for more help.

Upgrade Popup Notification

August 7, 2015Posted by Linda

Popup notification stating Windows 10 Upgrade is ready

This morning after a few days of problems, computer running very slow, my Main PC now is notifying me that the Windows10 update is ready.

Clicking on the link gives the following page offering to continue with the upgrade

Your Free Windows 10 Upgrade is here

Windows Updates - Upgrade is Ready

August 1, 2015Posted by Linda

Windows 10 Loading Screen

One of my Laptops, the one I registered earlier today, had the upgrade waiting in Windows Updates.

I had not yet been notified about the install - but I started the install from the updates window.

The download had obviously not been complete because a further 2GB was downloaded......I will update progress in the morning...

My Laptop Upgrade went OK. All Programs appeared to be working without any problems - however My security Program (Avast) did update immediately following the upgrade.

First Notification from Microsoft about the Upgrade

July 31, 2015Posted by Linda

picture from email notifying me what to do next

Today I received another email from Microsoft, but it was not an email telling me to install Windows 10.

This new email mostly repeats previous information but does link to notes about doing a clean install from media, and how to create the media.

Please note that at least one of my friends (not my customers) has registered and now has been notified that the install is waiting - so we could all get that notification any time. I know mine is ready, and could in theory just run the setup file - but I also know that some people who have tried this have encountered problems. So I still recommend waiting for the notification.

Release Day

July 29, 2015Posted by Linda


Look what I found on my C: Drive today - A new folder called $Windows.~BT

Screen shot of the contents of a new folder I found on my Main PC

So far I have not received an email from microsoft saying the download is ready for me to install - so I am not sure, but the folder contains 16,827 files in 3,604 folders and takes up 5.99GB (6,434,108,193 bytes), so just waiting for the email. Or some other Notification

First Problem Found during Testing

July 7, 2015Posted by Linda

Picture of Microsoft Surface Pro3

Today My Son who is testing Windows 10 installed the latest Build of Windows 10 - this is expected to be the last before final release so he installed it on his Surface (a device built specifically for Windows)

The install appeared to go well until restart - during the final preparation phase it just stopped doing anything - with a blank loading screen. Several hours later it had still not completed to desktop.

Scott eventually decided to force the issue but found that as soon as he pressed a key on the attached keyboard the Surface began the login process.

Obviously this was a good outcome for Scott, But could have been a problem.

So I recommend that if you are considering installing Windows10 as soon as your computer has downloaded it, make sure you at least backup your data before you start, preferably create a system image so you can get back "up and running" as soon as possible if something goes wrong. There are no guarantees that the install will go ahead totally smoothly,

New Windows 10 icon found

June 1, 2015Posted by Linda

Screen Shot of New Windows 10 icon in system tray near clock

Today I found the Windows 10 Registration icon in my system tray in Windows 7

I clicked on the icon and the GTXUX.exe process opened showing me features of the upgrade and asking me to register for the Windows 10 upgrade.

Here are my instructions for registering - this is not an actual download yet - that will happen sometime after 29 July, but after this date Windows 10 will download in the background. If you supply an email address then you will be notified when it is ready. I expect the icon will also act as a notifier because even after registering it is still present.

Windows 10 will be available from 29 July

June 1, 2015Posted by Linda

image of link to cortana announcing the windows 10 release date

Today Microsoft announced the date for release of Windows 10. See this Link on "Next Of Windows" website by clicking on the Cortana link below.

Introducing the Edge Browser

April 29, 2015Posted by Linda

Picture of Edge browser icon

Project Spartan has been renamed Edge Browser, and it will still use an Icon simliar to the familiar E of Internet Explorer.

It will support modern extensions, like Chrome and Firefox have been doing for some time. However it is not expected to be backwards compatible - so you may need to check your webpages to ensure they will work in Edge.

It is supposed to be very fast, but this week it seems very unstable - having crashed a number of times in testing on my son's Laptop (Thanks Scott for trying it out).

Edge should be more compliant with current web standards too, especially on mobile devices. It will be more linked to Bing and Cortana.

Spartan Web Browser - first look

March 31, 2015Posted byLinda

Screenshot of slide from Microsoft Spartan Browser announcement

Today sees the release of new code for Windows 10 including a new Browser to replace Internet Explorer.

The New Browser called Spartan at the moment (this could change), is aparently quick and reponsive and has a clean look similar to most Windows recent User interfaces.

The quick turn around of updates to the Windows 10 Code are expected to continue through the life of Windows for the future...but only time will tell how successful this is.

Currently the browser has some bugs and some pages do not load successfully but these shold be well sorted by the time Windows 10 is released - still anticipated for Summer 2015.

Several features to watch for are the "reading view" and more obvious links to links to OneNote are there now but Cortana is still on hold.

Does this sound like Spartan will be prone to overload of addons the same as Internet Explorer or will management of the addons be controlled better?

Non-Genuine Windows Upgrade to Windows10

March 19, 2015Posted by Linda

Screenshot of popup notifying you that your copy of windows is not genuine

Microsoft has issued the following statement in regard to upgrades for "non-genuine" PCs:

We have always been committed to ensuring that customers have the best Windows experience possible. With Windows 10, although non-Genuine PCs may be able to upgrade to Windows 10, the upgrade will not change the genuine state of the license. Non-Genuine Windows is not published by Microsoft. It is not properly licensed, or supported by Microsoft or a trusted partner. If a device was considered non-genuine or mislicensed prior to the upgrade, that device will continue to be considered non-genuine or mislicensed after the upgrade. According to industry experts, use of pirated software, including Non-Genuine Windows, results in a higher risk of malware, fraud (identity theft, credit card theft, etc), public exposure of your personal information, and a higher risk for poor performance or feature malfunctions.

Some Hints - Release this Summer?

March 18, 2015Posted by Linda

Colourful picture of te word Summer on a beach

Terry Meyerson of Microsoft's Windows divison announce today that Windows 10 will be released this Summer.

This is earlier than most were expecting, and it will aparently also be available to all users of Windows 7 and 8. Including the pirated versions!

But there are still questions about how the upgrade will be carried out, and whether any OEM suppliers will be able to deliver new models with Windows 10 on release day.

Some versions of Windows 7 and 8 will apparently be able to install as an upgrade but others will require a full install from DVD according to a News release to China.

TechCrunch Preview

March 17, 2015Posted by Linda

Screen shot of Windows 10 start menu

Alex Wilhelm (TechCrunch) releases a video of the latest preview version featuring the new Start menu

The start menu can be made full screen and has significant links to the XBOX environement sharing media etc - details incomplete at the moment - but keep watching. The new environment should make it much easier to change from tablet mode to desktop mode for Surface users - but this may not be of much use to most other users.

See the full video by clicking the video button below.

Internet Explorer not be available in the new retail version of Windows 10 - and there is no information as yet on the new browser.

What is Changing with Windows 10?

January 22, 2015Posted by Linda

  • Internet Explorer

    - coding will be completely different in the New OS, currently codenamed Spartan it will not be available for previous versions of Windows.

  • The Start Button

    - will be more familiar to Windows7 users, but not completely as the new start screen tiles will be found here too.

  • Snap

    - has been enhanced to allow 4 windows to be snapped to the corners, and a new Snap assist function will allow you to see thumbnails, and snapping to extended monitors should be easier too

  • Touchpad Use

    - this could actually be more confusing for most users - as it will now allow three finger gestures.

  • XBOX Streaming

    - to all Windows10 devices

Yes Windows 10 is a free Upgrade

January, 2015Posted by Linda

images of a sign saying - Yes it is free

Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be released as a free upgrade to all users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 until 29 July 2016.

This applies to activated and trial copies of windows, but note that if your copy of Windows is not activated - then Windows 10 would also be unactivated.

What Happened to Windows 9?

January, 2015Posted by Linda

concept image for windows 9

You may have noticed that Microsoft seem to have missed a number....however it is thought that there are solid reasons for the jump to Windows10.

Journalists suggest this may be that Windows9 could have been confused with windows98, and in fact many programmers check for windows 98 by searching for "windows9" when looking for code.

XBOX also had a name change to XboxOne. So the jump to Windows 10 may be to prevent confusion between the names ... Also Windows10 may not be the final name given to the new operating system....Microsoft may indeed release it with the name WindowsOne but this is a guess right now.