Home or Business visit

2 December 2016Posted by Linda

picture - yep we can come to you

I will usually visit you in your home or business, especially in the case of internet problems.

My Minimum Charge for up to an hour onsite is £55.

I multitask and so accomplish a lot in that hour. You are welcome to watch me work and I am happy to explain what I am doing, giving you training while I am working.

After the first hour my time is charged at £20 per 1/2 hour. It is unusual for me to take longer than an hour but in the case of data recovery or malware removal could be much longer - see further notes below

Some charges cannot be made by the hour - see below for specific rates.

Notes on Computer Repairs

2 December 2016Posted by Linda

picture of computer with parts and spanner

Your data and the way your PC is set up are important to you and I will do everything in my power to ensure all your data and settings are backed up before I do anything that may cause these to be lost or damage.

Most problems can be fixed in the hour without needing to remove your PC from your home. However there are some tasks that cannot be done without extra time or specialist equipment and your PC may need to be removed for me to carry out these tasks.

I will normally be able to get the PC back to you the next day, but on occasion I may need longer in order to preserve your data and settings especially in the case of a virus or malware problem.

Virus problems cannot always be resolved without making drastic changes to your PC but I will try and I will let you know as soon as I find something that will mean making more changes.

Telephone Support

2 December 2016Posted by Linda

picture of help connected to a telephone

If I can resolve your problem in a few minutes over the phone I generally will not make a charge for this service.

However for more extended periods my time will be charged at £30ph. This includes Remote Assistance and Skype.

Computer Advice

2 December 2016Posted by Linda

picture of post-it note with advice written on

Generally I do not charge for advice given and I am happy to discuss your needs and help you decide on your best options when buying a new computer, laptop, other hardware or software.

However if you are a business your needs may be more complex and I will charge for some of my time, especially where I send you an email with more information.


2 December 2016Posted by Linda

Picture of the word training - colourful letters held by cartoon people

I am able to give training on almost any subject related to normal use of the computer. Or if I do not know how I will take time to learn first so that I can give you the best help possible.

Most of the time it is best to give training in your home, using your own equipment, in a place you will feel comfortable.

I usually charge £40 for an hour of training and do not advise that this time is extended. I will keep notes of the methods used and leave you with detailed instructions, either printed out or on screen.

Laptop Power Connectors and Screens

2 December 2016Posted byLinda

Picture of laptop power connector being soldered to motherboard

Laptop Power connectors come in all sizes and shapes. Some are connected to the motherboard and require significant time to replace, as the old one must be removed, the connectors cleaned and a new part soldered to the board. The parts are relatively cheap and I do have a range of them in stock - but the labour costs are high. Total cost for the repair is around £100.

However some connectors are not connected directly to the board - but fit into a slot on the casing - these are generally cheap to repair though, so it is best to phone me with the model number so that I can quote for the repair.

Laptop screens are also specialist parts - some are covered in a glass panel which is replaceable and other are fused to the front glass (Apple Laptops with retina displays). So once again please call for a quote.

Call me on 07717217773 for more information

Virus and other Malware removal

2 December 2016Posted by Linda

picture of screen with magnifying glass showing the word virus

Some malware problems are very simple to remove and more of an annoyance than a real problem. These can usually be removed at my visit without any problems.

More severe Virus problems may take several different types of scans to remove, or the computer may need to be restored to factory settings to resolve the problem fully. In this case I will back up your data before I restore, and I will try to get your computer back up and running as close to the way it was before the infection. Hence the fairly high minimum charge of £75, please be aware that if you have installed specialist programs or hardware (usually business usage) the costs may be higher.

Some Viruses are known to encrypt your data, holding it to ransom until you make a payment (usually by some very risky methods) to get your data back. I can usually do nothing to get your data back as the current level of encryption would take years to "crack". I can however get your computer recovered and working again following this type of infection.

Laptop and Computer Setup

2 December 2016Posted by Linda

Picture showing windows 10 language choices

If you have bought a new Computer or Laptop I can set it up for you, protecting your privacy, completing all updates, setting up your printers and networks, transferring your data and giving you a tutorial on use of the new device for £75.

If you use specialist programs or hardware (usually Business use) I will charge a hourly rate to set these up for you.

Resolving Broadband and Wireless Problems

2 December 2016Posted by Linda

picture showing the world and everything connected

This is a specialist task which involves some skill to diagnose and may involve significant amounts of testing to find the cause of your problems. Usually in the first instance it is best to phone your ISP to find out if they can test the line and check if the problem is outside the property - a Line test will usually confirm this.

However your ISP may ask you to do a number of tests, which most people find very confusing, before they will consider sending a BT engineer to check things out (often quoting as much as £190 for this work).

I normally confirm very quickly if the problem is outside your property and will be able to call your ISP on your behalf to arrange the repair and therefore my charge for this would be £55. However I may charge more if the problem is inside your property as it can be difficult to trace the phone lines and extensions. A BT engineer will not do this any quicker as most people often use DIY skills to install extensions or equipment that may cause problems on the line.

Data Recovery

2 December 2016Posted by Linda

picture of harddrive with stethescope

This is a specialist task which can involve some skill to achieve.

Sometimes it is simply that your computer or laptop will not boot to windows and cannot be repaired. If there is no failure of the Hard Drive then data recovery is simple and just needs specialist equipment. So the charge is not likely to be more than £55.

If the Hard Drive has been accidentally formatted, sounds like it is "Ticking", or suddenly appears empty I can usually manage to get some data off it - but you should not try to repair the drive or keep using it, as the problem could get worse.

If the drive has failed completely it will be almost impossible to get back data. Only Specialist companies can recover data from a dead drive, which will cost upwards of £500 depending on the amount of data to be recovered.

Obviously one way to prevent loss of your data, and for ease of recovery, it is best to keep a backup (see below).

Call me on 07717217773 for more information

Backing up your data

2 December 2016Posted by Linda

picture of backup on a hard drive

It is important that your data is backed up correctly. This means all your photos, letters, emails, music, videos.

Unfortunately many people think that putting data on a USB or DVD then deleting it from the computer to save space is a backup. This is not a backup, because you can easily scratch a DVD or step on or otherwise break a USB (some older USB also have a limit on the number of times they can be used). This would result in losing all your data.

If your data is improtant then you should always have two copies, one on your computer and one on another device, usually external hard drive or for small amounts of data a USB, DVD or online storage.

Online storage, in the cloud, is a great idea for vital documents or pictures, but the free cloud services are often very expensive for larger amounts of data. Photos and especially video are usually very large.

I recommend using an external hard drive to backup your computer for the main bulk of your data. Especially for businesses where the external drive can also be taken offsite in case of theft or fire.

Call me on 07717217773 for more information

Mobile Phone or Tablet Setup

August 10, 2015Posted by Linda

Picture of hand holding Tablet PC

If you need help setting up your Mobile Phone or Tablet please call me

First time use setup usually involves creating up an account for using "apps", setting up emails, and sync settings for connecting and backing up to a computer